System Components

Basic System Components

1 - Quick-Start Guide
2 - BarrettHand
3 - Universal Robot-Arm Adapter
4 - Universal Power Supply (PS)
5 - AC Line Cord
6 - DVD with Applications Suggestions
7 - USB Pen Drive with PDF Documentation and Code
8 - Serial-USB Adapter
9 - CANbus-USB Adapter
10 - Hand-to-PS Communications Cable
11 - PS-to-PC Communications Cable
12 - Maintenance Kit
13 - Torque Wrench of Maintenance Kit
14 - Protective Case
15 - Keys to Case

Fingertip Torque Sensing Option*

Barrett Technology offers a set of three factory-installed torque sensors (one per finger) for the BarrettHand™ system. Each sensor measures the torque externally applied about the distal joint over a range of +/- 1 N-m. This option uses strain-gages to measure the differential tension in the "tendon" running through each finger to the second joint. The information is processed in additional on-board circuitry when this option is installed, it is accessed by requesting the present strain-gage parameter. The strain-gage parameter represents the amount of strain on the strain-gage sensors (values can be calibrated by the customer to relate strain to joint torque).

* (factory assembly required)

BarrettHand with Tactile Sensing*

The BarrettHand with Tactile-Sensing provides 96 cells of tactile-array data spread across all three fingers *and* the palm. The density of cells becomes higher towards the very tips of the fingers where finer spatial resolution is desirable. The entire
Tactile-Sensing option is seamlessly integrated with the BarrettHand mechanically, electronically, and in the firmware and software. Furthermore, the calibration data is stored with each fingertip and the palm so that if you swap fingers, for example, the
system is intelligent enough to maintain the correct calibrations. Because of the deep integration of this array of sensors, a standard BarrettHand *cannot* be later upgraded to a BarrettHand with Tactile Sensing, so please consider this before
placing your order.

* (factory assembly required)

C - Function Library for Microsoft Windows

The BarrettHand™ C-Function Library is a helpful tool for programming the BarrettHand™ using the C language on IBM-compatible PC's without having to manage serial communication and timing issues. The library contains easy-to-use functions that permit the use of Supervisory and RealTime commands in software routines developed by the end user. All of the functions are available when the library is linked to the program. The C-Function Library also includes a manual that describes all of the functions in detail and gives examples. The C-Function Library is written in C++ and compiled for Microsoft Windows. It is a typical C++ library, providing a class BarrettHand™ from which you derive one object and use it for all communications. The library uses a multithreaded mechanism for accessing the serial port, which allows both synchronous and asynchronous access to the low-level thread and ensures that all serial communications are executed with high priority. The low-level thread manages all input and output buffers and makes controlling the BarrettHand™ easy.

12-month Warranty

Each of Barrett Technology's components comes with a standard 1-year warranty. 12-month Extended Warranty packages can be purchased for 5% of the component's list price (for up to 4 years). Warranty subscription services include free software and firmware upgrades, and component maintenance.

Barrett's support engineers are available to provide application support, instruction, training, and answers to any questions via email, fax, or phone. Additionally, customers receive access codes to download the most up-to-date versions of software packages. Barrett maintains its software and manuals online and provides source code to customers who wish to develop software for different platforms, or to modify the code for their purposes.

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